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Truth to be a guide to the direction of life. How would someone not need to have guidelines in action or behavior in their lives. This is gained through education and experience in the development of life from childhood to adulthood. Changing the life of the guidelines will be passed from the time-kewaktu turbulence in mind.

Guidelines truth sometimes takes a life of fun and sometimes distressing themselves and people around us.

Thinking and the ability
A strength of intellect that can think beyond that available with no limit and are, by the time, phisik, status, condition, social power or authority. Kebaikkan severity and the two sides face each other in the intellect with the ability to fill each other do what is liked or not liked.

Thought some of the regular activities of the regular and random, and this is stored in the brain of the brain is a small selection of the cerebrum. brain gets input from nerves throughout the body which is the nerve center in the back and connected directly keotak. Saraf Center and the brain is protected by terkeras objects in the body of man. Brain and nervous terlemah objects in the human body. Daya ability and brain nerve ditubuh greatest man so to be able to create a comfortable and difficult for the body and its surroundings. Realy Sesunguhnya brain and Saraf is to fill the life and the real life of this world.
Definition of Truth
The truth is that one or Something uniq, does not begin and end do not have the space and time.

Action Business Benefits
A have any business value and benefits of the material naturally.

Action for Social Benefits.
A business promotion and dissemination of knowledge, and the feeling of gratitude to the ability that has been owned.
Disseminate Knowledge will not reduce the knowledge, but hone sense of empathy to be better.

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